Office Politics

24 March 2021

Have you heard of office politics / Chamchagiri?

Yes, I did. During my counselling sessions with few corporates, I hear lot more on office politics.

Upon, so much of interrogation within, I understood and concluded why is this happening and why is this booming?

As an example, let us consider a rat or cockroach (specifically for ladies) in the kitchen. The very first thing we think is to kill it and search for a spray or broom to kill. This is because we are afraid of being with them. We don't even think of sweeping it out rather than killing. This is insecurity within.

Is that worth being scared of a tiny insect which does not even think of killing or harming you?

Insects are inside only because of in search of its food. Moreover, why is it in the kitchen, because of your untidiness.

Only because, we don't make it a regular habit of cleaning, we are inviting insects and blaming and killing social insects for that matter....

POSH @ workplace

24 March 2021

Why Implement POSH - Prevention of Sexual harassment @ Work?

Every organisation employing over 10 employees, whether individual, partnership or company, has to comply with the mandates of the POSH Act. Any non-compliance can lead to a fine of with minimum Rs 50,000 or loss of license to carry out business.
How safe is your work place?
Whether employees are trained on POSH policy?

If no, HURRY and save FINE of Rs 50,000/-

The checklist includes:

– Providing training to create awareness amongst employees
– Orientation and skill building for the IC (Internal Committee members)
– Displaying the consequences of sexual harassment

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Quality Students

29 April 2021

Who are Quality students?
What are the predominant characteristics of Students?
Do you fit as a Quality Student?
1) If yes - you can build your career ladder soon.
2) If no - no worries, time to adapt few positive qualities to build your career.  

Below are the few attributes of a Quality Student:       
Right and positive Attitude – Willingness to learn and implement
Communication skills - Read comprehensively, write effectively, speak fluently
Perceptiveness – understanding right meaning at right time
Self-disciplined – Time management skills   
Accountability – Accept responsibilities
Self-assessment – Self-awareness, Swot analysis, Practice to be perfect
Each one of you are different, bring the best out of yourself.

Many thanks,
Krupa JK
Founder of Parivarthak Training and consultancy

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